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Webscore Page Rank

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Description #

Webscore Page Rank is a tool that evaluates the power of web sites using a combination of criteria. There are several reputable evaluations of Internet web sites such as Google Page Rank, Alexa Traffic Rank or Compete's Competitive Rank, to name a few. Other metrics such as a number of backlinks from various search engines are also used to measure the value of a web site, or its power or price. All these statistics and evaluations somehow reflect the number of people that visit a particular web site and its ability to be visited through search engines results.

Webscore Page Rank obtains the reputable ranks, values, and statistics and displays them to you. Using a special formula it also counts a single number – the web site's score – that reflects the popularity of the web site, the number of visitors it attracts, and its market power and value. The web site's score ranges from 0 to 100. The lowest 0 point score means the web site is unknown, could be brand new and not yet marketed, while the highest 100 point score is a theoretical maximum for a perfect web site that just everybody know about and visit all the time.

All the values displayed by Webscore Page Rank including the final web site's score are influenced by estimated and inaccurate data and hence the results should not be interpreted as completely exact. On the other hand, the estimations are quite good, which means that well known web sites score high while unknown web sites score low. The final web site's score is also better for comparison of web sites' values than using a single rank or statistics. There exist various techniques to manipulate some of the ranks, hence using a combination of several criteria lowers the influence of the manipulated values.

Currently, Webscore Page Rank includes following statistics and ranks:

  • Alexa Global Rank – Very popular metric introduced by Alexa, a company that collects data from millions of web users through thousands of different browser addons, extensions and toolbars. The best Alexa Global rank a web page can have is simply 1, which means that the web is the most popular site on the Internet, measured by a number of its visitors. Alexa Rank under 100,000 is considered a very good value.
  • Alexa Backlinks – Number of back links that Alexa engine is aware of. Again, this metric does not evaluate quality of back links.
  • Bing Backlinks – Number of back links that Bing Search engine is aware of. This metric does not evaluate quality of back links.
  • Compete RankCompete is another service that evaluates and estimates traffic of web sites. Its focus is primarily on US web sites and US visitors. Its ranking system is similar to Alexa Rank, which means that a value of X means that the page is Xth biggest web, measured by the number of US visitors.
  • Google Backlinks – Number of links that Google Search engine is aware of and that link to the target web site. These links directly affect the Google PageRank value. This metric does not evaluate quality of back links.
  • SEOmoz Domain Authority – Very popular statistics called Domain Authority was introduced by Moz (formerly called SEOmoz). This rank estimates how well a domain will perform in search engines. It is commonly used as an important criterion in marketing or evaluating price of the domain.
  • SEOmoz Rank – Also called MozRank. It is a similar rank to Google PageRank as it reflects a number and a quality of links that refer to a particular web page. And it is also mapped to a logarithmic scale from 0 to 10. However, the actual value is not rounded to an integer.
  • SEOmoz Backlinks – Number of back links that Moz engine is aware of. This value is used for calculations of SEOmoz Rank. The value does not reflect quality of back links.
  • WebsiteOutlook Value – Simple evaluation of websites by WebsiteOutlook. The result value is provided in USD and is based on various features and ranks of the target web site. It is a rough estimate of potential earnings that the target web site's owner may earn from its traffic.

In the past, Webscore Page Rank also included following statistics and ranks, but these are not available anymore:

  • Google PageRank – Algorithm used by Google Search engine to evaluate importance of websites in order to be able to deliver most relevant results to search queries. PageRank of a web page is based on the number and quality of links that refer to the particular web page. It is assumed that more important web pages are linked from bigger number of sources and from high quality sources. Final Google PageRank values are mapped to integer values on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 10. The higher PageRank, the better the site is. PageRank values 9 and 10 are very rare and reserved for a couple of largest and most used Internet websites. The rank is named after its inventor Larry Page. Last update to publicly available PageRank data was made in December 2013. In 2016, Google discontinued the availability of the stats to public completely.
  • Delicious Backlinks – Number of references that were written by members of Delicious social network. These links are usually created organically and can thus be considered of greater importance to web site's popularity than other links on the Internet.

Usage #

Webscore Page Rank is very simple to use. You just need to specify the domain name to evaluate and hit the "Evaluate!" button. The evaluation may take a few seconds to complete.

Limits #

  • Domain – A second-level domain name for all top-level domains that allow Second-level domain registration such as .com, .net, .info, .org, .eu, .de, etc. Or a third-level domain for all other top-level domains such as .uk, .br, .au, etc. Subdomains, such as www, are removed before the evaluation.